News | June 10, 1999

Paracel Genomic Analysis System Installed at Paradigm Genetics

Paradigm Genetics Inc. (Research Triangle Park, NC) has installed Paracel Inc.'s (Pasadena, CA) latest generation genomic analysis system, GeneMatcher, at their Research Triangle Park, NC headquarters. Paradigm Genetics is using the system to enable high-throughput gene annotation and to augment their novel genomics-based approach to engineering agricultural products.

GeneMatcher is a massively parallel genetic data analysis engine for high-throughput search and annotation. A single GeneMatcher contains more than 6,000 custom processors, programmable to execute a full range of genetic comparison algorithms, such as Smith-Waterman, hidden Markov models, frame and profile search. The system offers both the power of command-line control and the ease of use of a graphical Web interface. It also includes an application programmer's interface (API) enabling in-house developers to directly integrate GeneMatcher into their own proprietary systems.

"GeneMatcher provides a versatile tool for high speed DNA and protein searches that would have been impossible only two years ago," said Craig Liddell, director of informatics for Paradigm Genetics. "It enhances our ability to identify agriculturally important genes that will be used in a new generation of highly specific and safer agricultural products."

Paradigm Genetics Inc. uses functional genomics and bioinformatics to enhance worldwide food and fiber production by discovering better and safer compounds to protect crops against weeds, diseases, and insect pests. They are also dedicated to improving the quality of seed germplasm through the development of more efficient breeding tools, as well as the discovery of new and valuable genes for use in transgenic crops.

Paracel Inc. provides genetic data and text analysis systems for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and government markets.

For more information: Craig Liddell, Director of Informatics, Paradigm Genetics Inc., 104 Alexander Dr., Building 2, P. O. Box 14528, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-4528. Tel: 919-544-5578. Fax: 919-544-8094. Email: