Company Profile | January 1, 1996

NuGenesis Technologies Corporation

Source: NuGenesis Technologies
NuGenesis Technologies Corporation NuGenesis Technologies Corporation allows science-based companies, who rely on electronic data, new opportunities to generate competitive advantage, leverage innovation, and create value. The company role is to empower people with products and services that make data independent of proprietary application sources, giving scientific professionals the means to make informed, timely decisions. NuGenesis Technologies is founded on the principle that technology should make data more accessible, so that people can focus on using the information they create to full advantage.

Established in 1996, NuGenesis Technologies markets and develops the NuGenesis line of application-independent Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) products for the fast-growing science-based industries. NuGenesis Technologies products and services enable companies to improve the utility of information generated in the laboratory by integrating Database and Windows® Metafile technologies into data management products. In a recent product review, the Journal Science called the NuGenesis SDMS an incredibly versatile software package.

NuGenesis Technologies, a venture-funded corporation, is headquartered in Westborough, MA, and operates regional offices throughout the United States. The company is currently focused on targeted vertical market solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industrial and other science-based industries.