Mustang® Q XT Chromatography Capsules

Source: Cytiva

High throughput, scaleable and reusable ion exchange membrane chromatography

Pall has combined its competencies in membrane device design and chromatography to develop a range of high-performance, scalable Mustang Q XT membrane chromatography capsules. These capsules are reliable, easy to use and enable users to significantly improve their process economics through reduced buffer consumption, increased throughput and reduced capital expenditure. Processes benefit from:

  • High Binding Efficiency – Mustang Q XT capsules exhibit high capacities and high flow at low pressure drops, allowing binding of charged biomolecules in a single pass.
  • Speed – High flow rates enable the processing of large volumes in less than a single working shift. Mustang Q XT5000 capsules typically operate at 10 MV/min flow rates (50 L/min) making membrane chromatography 30 to 50 times faster than conventional chromatography sorbents.
  • Scalability and Flexibility – A full range of capsule sizes accommodates various volumes and capacities required in biopharmaceutical processing, from process development
  • to full-scale manufacturing. Capsules can be used as single-use or cleaned and reused.
  • Reproducibility – Capsules are manufactured using the Six Sigma statistical process control system to ensure reproducible process and conformance to specifications, and enable consistent process performance.
  • Convenience – Easy-to-use capsules eliminate need for packing protocols. If used as disposables, there are no cleaning, cleaning validation, or cross-contamination issues.
  • Lower Cost – Membrane capsules offer lower operating and capital investment costs than conventional columns that require validated packing and cleaning protocols.
  • Reduced Buffer Consumption – Small device footprint requires significantly less buffer yet maintains efficient contaminant removal performance.