Multiskan EX

Source: Labsystems Inc.

Multiskan - Microplate Photometer
Multiskan - Microplate Photometer

High performance plus reliability

  • Exceptional flexibility and reliability
  • Excellent optical system
  • Extended memory for assay protocols
  • Extended three-year warranty
  • Advanced Genesis Lite PC-software

Exceptional flexibility
The new-generation Multiskan EX is an advanced photometric microplate reader offering superior flexibility for all microplate-based EIA assays, including both routine and research applications.

Excellent optical system
The proven optical system of the Multiskan consists of a high-quality lamp, fibers, detectors and filters. This ensures accurate results, plus long-lasting reliability. Maintenance needs are minimal.

Extended memory
The versatile onboard software of the Multiskan EX allows end point, kinetic and agglutination reading modes. Flexible cut-off calculations and curve fit algorithms give the Multiskan EX increased flexibility for data manipulation in various diagnostic applications. The extended memory holds up to 64 assay protocols.

Multiskan RC
The Multiskan RC, another quality microplate reader from Labsystems, provides the same high performance as the Multiskan EX. Full computer control results in lower costs.

Extended 3-year warranty
With over 18,000 units sold worldwide, the Multiskan has earned a global reputation as the most reliable photometric reader available. For this reason, Labsystems now offers a 3-year extended warranty for the Multiskan.

Advanced Genesis Lite software
Windows based PC-software Genesis Lite and Transmit are supplied with the purchase of the instrument.

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