Newsletter | May 23, 2024

05.23.24 -- Minimize Waste, Maximize Yield And Supor Charge Your Production Process

Manufacturing Challenges With High Concentration Biologics

Trends towards sub-cutaneous delivery for self-administration of therapeutics bring manufacturing challenges associated with high concentrations and high viscosities. Understanding the challenges is the first step toward a successful manufacturing process. Be ahead of the game. Download the white paper, ‘Manufacturing challenges with high concentration biologics’, and discover what you could change.


Challenges And Opportunities When Manufacturing High-Concentration Biotech Drugs

Monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and recombinant proteins are growing in importance as therapeutics for various treatments including cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. As the applications for these therapeutics continue to grow, producing these drugs in a format that is administrable subcutaneously offers significant advantages over IV infusion. Discover the benefits of subcutaneous delivery, an overview of manufacturing challenges, and the process steps affected in the latest infographic.


The Increasing Demand For Sterile Filtration Of High Concentration Drugs

We understand the need for practical solutions in drug production and formulation, recognizing that small decisions can have a big impact. Watch our webinar to learn how we approached extensive filterability trials without the need for a large quantity of expensive product, as well as an overview of current trends and challenges with manufacture of high-concentration biologics.


High-Throughput Sterilizing-Grade Filters For Challenging Feeds

New challenges emerge in filtration processes as the development and manufacturing of biologics for subcutaneous injection expands. These processes play a pivotal role in contamination control during drug substance production and sterility assurance during the final drug product filling. Find out how Supor™ Prime filters performed against two comparable products in filtering fluids with antibody concentrations of 70 g/L to 220 g/L.


Be A Gain Changer, 2x Throughput, Only With Supor Prime

Highly concentrated antibody drugs have the potential to transform the way we treat patients. But new treatments create new manufacturing challenges. Designed to deliver high throughput capacity of the most challenging, high-value drug products, Cytiva Supor™ Prime filters reduce product loss to waste, ensuring every drop counts towards maximizing your yield. Watch the product overview video to learn more.