Master Analytical SEC Running Conditions

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

By Jon Lundqvist, Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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Read these useful insights to answer the following questions:

  • How do I calibrate my Superdex Increase or Superose Increase column?
  • How do I best prepare my sample for SEC analysis?
  • How large sample volume can I apply in an analytical run?
  • What size sample volumes can I inject to the SEC column without losing resolution?
  • Which buffers may I use with Superdex Increase and Superose Increase columns?
  • What flow rate should I use?
  • Can I use organic solvents?
  • Is it possible to use DMSO on Superdex Increase columns?
  • How do different additives affect my results?
  • Do you have any recommendations to avoid IgG interactions with resin?
  • How often do you recommend cleaning a SEC column?