Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Isco, Inc.

Source: Teledyne Isco, Inc.
Isco, Inc. Isco is a leading manufacturer of chromatography systems for LC purification in both biological and organic applications. Isco CombiFlashTM separation systems provide rapid, automated purification of organic compounds in drug discovery, agrochemicals, catalyst development, natural products, and other organic applications. The new CombiFlash Sq 16x system runs up to 16 samples - liquid or solid – with walkaway automation and on-line variable UV-vis detection and peak-based fraction collection. PeakTrakTM 2000 software controls the system and provides color-coded sample and peak identification. CombiFlash System Si 10x separates ten samples in parallel. Both systems use disposable RediSepTM columns and programmable gradients for fast setup and reproducible separations.

Other Isco product lines include:

  • High-pressure syringe pumps for precision fluid delivery from sub-microliter to 400 ml/min
  • SFE systems for fast, solvent-free extraction and sample preparation in fat/oil testing, environmental analysis, and industrial QC An extensive line of automatic water samplers; open-channel and closed-pipe flowmeters; on-line BOD, COD and TOC analyzers; and related products for wastewater and pollution monitoring.