Newsletter | July 2, 2024

07.02.24 -- Is Your Intellectual Property Safe With Indian CROs And CDMOs?


Is Your Intellectual Property Safe With Indian CROs And CDMOs?

Startups and Big Pharma companies alike are considering India as an alternative to working with China. Is it safe to do business with India? Let's do a deep dive, with insights from American and Indian attorneys.


Evaluating CAR T-Cell Therapy Vascular Recruitment, Trafficking, And Killing

Learn about a more human-relevant platform that enables researchers to assess the trafficking and killing efficiency of immunotherapy as well as the proof-of-concept of immuno-oncology co-therapy.

Dry Powder Inhalable Vaccines For Shelf Stability And Global Access

Explore the formulation of vaccines with dry powder respiratory delivery in mind and manufacturing considerations for dry powder inhaled vaccines.

Fast Track RNA-LNP Drug Development By Lowering The Lipid Barrier

Fast-track RNA-LNP development, streamline screening with off-the-shelf ionizable lipid mixes, and utilize validation strategies to generate reproducible and scalable LNPs for lead candidates.

End-To-End Development And Manufacturing: Small Volume Products

To meet ambitious orphan drug development timelines, CDMOs must be able to scale quickly to progress from early clinical development to validation and commercial launch.

Protein L Affinity Resin Is Ready To Move To Manufacturing

Discover a protein L affinity chromatography resin that is well suited for use in biomanufacturing and offers increased binding capacities compared to other resins.


C-Path & CENTOGENE MOU To Enhance Collab In Lysosomal Disease Research

BioNTech & DualityBio Receive FDA Fast Track Designation For BNT324/DB-1311

Concerto Biosciences Receives FDA IND Clearance For Live Biotherapeutic Product

Membrane Protein Analogues Could Accelerate Drug Discovery

Transforming Drug Discovery With AI

ELRIG UK And The Protein Society Partner To Advance Protein Sciences In Drug Discovery

Novel Synthesis Of Fluorinated Molecules With Potential In Drug Research Developed

Psylo Partnership To Deliver Psychedelic Treatments For Mental Health

UCF Scientist Using AI To Speed Up Tuberculosis Drug Discovery

Cure & The NY Academy Of Sciences To Co-Host Forum On AI-Driven Drug Discovery

Vir Biotechnology Receives FDA IND Clearance & Fast Track Designation For Tobevibart & Elebsiran


Analytical Services: Capabilities And Expertise

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Checklist For A Universal Pump