Newsletter | November 2, 2023

11.02.23 -- Is Nanoforming A Potential Game Changer In Particle Engineering?

Utilizing Nanoparticle Technologies For A More Sustainable Value Chain

By adopting transformative technologies that reduce waste and emissions, the pharma industry can help to forge a greener, healthier future for all. Explore how nanoparticle engineering technology can both empower sustainability goals and lead to better patient outcomes.


Nanoparticle Enabled Formulation And Drug Delivery Solutions

Discover how Nanoform’s revolutionary and environmentally sustainable nanoparticle technologies, coupled with its innovative formulation approaches, can not only address drug solubility issues but also add value for patients in novel drug delivery applications.


The Flux Performance Of Nanoformed And Untreated PRX Solid Suspensions

This poster demonstrates the application of in vitro flux assays to nanoparticles, with data on how thein vitro permeability apparatus can be utilized to characterize the membrane flux performance of an API formulated as a nanosuspension.



A Potential Game Changer In Particle Engineering

Uncover Nanoform's CESS technology for nanoparticle generation and the types of particles that can be generated without the need for solvents or excipients in this presentation from the October 2023 Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update (OPCU). Review their manufacturing capabilities, including GMP expansion for highly potent APIs, and potential production volumes.

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