News | May 11, 2022

Improved Pharma Announces New Collaboration With Keystone Pharma Consulting

Collaboration with Dr. Patricia Andres from Keystone Pharma Consulting, LLC further expands Improved Pharma’s network and expertise in different areas of drug development to support growing demand.

West Lafayette, IN (PRWEB) - Improved Pharma is pleased to announce a collaboration with Dr. Patricia Andres from Keystone Pharma Consulting, LLC, thus further expanding its network of pharmaceutical consultants with expertise in different areas of drug development to support its growing demand.

Dr. Andres, President and founder of Keystone Pharma Consulting, LLC, brings over 20 years’ experience in Materials Science and Particle Technology in pharmaceutical development, during which she helped over a hundred pharmaceutical and biotech companies address development challenges, solve complex polymorphism and crystallization issues, identify suitable materials for development, and develop or troubleshoot associated isolation processes.

“Keystone Pharma Consulting’s goal is to help biotech companies bridge the gap between drug substance and drug product development, selecting and isolating a better API to solve common issues of poor bioavailability or drug product processability,” stated Dr. Andres. “I am very much looking forward to new opportunities to collaborate with the Improved Pharma team; we share a love for smart science and making a difference.”

Added Dr. Pamela Smith, COO of Improved Pharma, “We are thrilled to add Dr. Andres’ unique skillset to our team. We have an established history of success together. Along with Dr. Bogdanowich-Knipp and Dr. Brett Cowans, Dr. Andres was part of my leadership team when I ran SSCI. We look forward to working together again to help our clients develop life-saving medicines.”

To learn more about our services, please contact us through Improved Pharma or Keystone Pharma Consulting.

About Improved Pharma
Improved Pharma is a research, consulting, and information company dedicated to improving pharmaceutical methods, formulations, and processes. Services include solid-state form studies, formulation design, synchrotron techniques, analytical testing, and expert consulting for the development and defense of intellectual property matters. The company was founded in 2006 by Stephen and Sarah Byrn, who also founded SSCI.

About Keystone Pharma Consulting
Keystone Pharma Consulting is a pharmaceutical consulting company offering technical support in the field of solid state research, crystallization, particle technology and pharmaceutical development. Since its creation in 2020, Keystone Pharma Consulting has directed CMC activities related to the selection and isolation of solid forms of both early and late phase compounds, guided solid state analytical development for multiple drug substances and drug products, contributed to the development of a new drug product technology platform, and provided technical guidance for IND and NDA submissions as well as for IP protection.

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