News | November 30, 2017

Global Health Solutions Announces Expansion Of New Drug Development Program To Include Non-Antibiotic Superficial Infection Treatment Candidate

Woodland Hills, CA /PRNewswire/ - Amidst worldwide antimicrobial resistance concerns and the lowest rate of antibiotic innovation in history, Global Health Solutions, LLC, is taking a step toward providing a non-antibiotic solution for superficial skin infection. The company's lead advanced wound care product, Hexagen Wound Dressing, is a topical formula used nationwide to support healing in acute and chronic wounds. Vast amounts of laboratory and in-vivo data support the supposition that this topical technology leads to rapid healing via a reduction of bioburden at the site of application. However, like most advanced wound care products, the indications for Hexagen Wound Dressing do not include wounds that show clinical signs of infection. In an effort to address the needs of patients plagued by infected wounds, the company has elected to expand its new drug development program to include a superficial infection treatment candidate based upon the same technology underlying Hexagen Wound Dressing. This superficial infection drug candidate will be trialed alongside the company's topical onychomycosis candidate formula.

Global Health Solutions Founder and CEO, Bradley Burnam, states: "Standard of care, topical treatments for skin-based infection have seen little to no innovation in the past half-century. Yet, over this same period of time, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of antimicrobial resistant organisms and resulting disease states. Our non-antibiotic new drug candidate is gentle, powerful, and has shown no signs of resistance among even the most virulent pathogens. We look forward to working closely with FDA to bring this important product to fruition." Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Neil Ghodadra states: "As a physician, the growing number of antibiotic resistant organisms is alarming and presents daunting clinical implications. Doctors need viable, alternative treatment options for acute and chronic superficial infections, especially those colonized by drug resistant microbes. This is an important product not just for physicians, but for patients who may become victims of pathogens for which we lack sufficient tools to address."

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SOURCE: Global Health Solutions