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genomics, robotics, sample preparation, biotechnology, automated dilution, HTS

Source: ISLAR
genomics, robotics, sample preparation, biotechnology, automated dilution, HTS The eighteenth in a continuing series of symposia dedicated to laboratory automation and robotics will be held October 15-18th in Boston, Massachusetts. This year, the emphasis will be on both management and technical presentations in the fields of drug discovery, pharmaceutical development and quality control, bioanalytical assays and chemical analysis.

The three day program consists of over 150 podium and poster presentations describing automated procedures from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical laboratories. The Symposium's management and technical presentations, short courses and informal discussions provide an excellent opportunity for laboratory managers, automation users and novices to exchange ideas and applications experience.

The presentations at the symposium will cover a wide variety of applications for laboratory automation. Scientists will discuss the automation of different laboratory procedures and the interface of laboratory robotics workstations and systems to standard laboratory instrumentation. Laboratory managers will present their views on selecting applications for automation, personnel selection, laboratory design and layout, and implementation strategies.

If your laboratory is responsible for chemical analysis, quality control, laboratory automation, product development, research and development, general sample preparation, or instrumental analysis, the information presented in the symposium will be beneficial to you. Laboratory robotics systems are used in thousands of laboratories around the world for research experiments, method development and routine, dedicated analyses. Whether you are currently using this technology or investigating its applicability to your laboratory, the symposium will be worth your time.

Registration Fees

$750 USD if paid before August 15, 2000
$850 USD if paid after August 15, 2000

Registration fees are waived for participants who have been chosen as speaker presenters. Poster presenters pay a reduced registration fee of $645 USD.

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