Newsletter | June 11, 2024

06.11.24 -- Gene Therapy: How Should We Approach Benefit And Risk?


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Gene Therapy: How Should We Approach Benefit And Risk?

Understanding the benefit-risk ratio is a complex exercise for gene therapies, where there hasn't been sufficient time to understand the long-term risks. How should we approach it?


Mitigating Hidden Risks: Extractables And Leachables

Everything from glass or plastic bottles to the ink used in labels can leach unwanted contaminants. The first challenge chemists address is to narrow the focus on the most likely suspects.

Genome Editing Using mRNA-Lipid Nanoparticles For CAR T Cell Therapy

Gene delivery platforms must support a diversity of genetic engineering strategies for genomic medicine development. Learn how lipid nanoparticles can accelerate development from discovery to scale-up.

AAV Full/Empty Capsid Separation Using Mechanistic Modeling

In this study, we used mechanistic modeling to investigate how AAV-resin interactions are affected when MgCl2 is used as an elution additive.

Improve Solubility And Spray Drying Throughput For Brick Dust Compounds

This paper presents three approaches to address poor solubility in organic solvents for spray drying as well as case studies outlining their successful application during development.

Optimizing Upstream AAV8 Processes To Enhance Downstream Performance

Here, we present an example of a gene therapy bioprocess in which an AAV8 upstream process was optimized to enhance downstream process performance.

Environmental Sustainability: Use Case - Solvent Recovery

Examine the methods used to evaluate, design, and implement solvent recovery processes, a crucial way to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions.

Integrated FiH Services To Streamline Development And Manufacturing

End-to-end development and manufacturing can simplify and accelerate the development pathway, even for APIs with challenging properties, such as low aqueous solubility and poor bioavailability.


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