Newsletter | September 20, 2023

09.20.23 -- Enhancing Medicines In Development: A Patient- And Planet-Centric Approach

Nanoforming: The Patient- And Planet-Centric Approach

By reducing the size of drug particles, nanoforming can open up exciting new opportunities — from increasing bioavailability to enabling sustained drug delivery. In this presentation, delve into the benefits that can be unlocked for both patients and the planet through the Nanoform toolbox, supported by data from relevant case studies.


Empowering A New Era Of Patient-Centric Medicines

Christian Jones, CCO of Nanoform, discusses what it truly means to be patient-centric in the modern pharmaceutical industry. Discover the challenges pharma companies are facing as they switch focus as well as the actions and technologies companies are implementing to help achieve a brighter future for patients.


Embracing GMP Manufacturing To Meet Pharma’s Future

As pharma companies aim to overcome development obstacles, it is essential to implement GMP-compliance to ensure quality and safety. Explore how incorporating GMP expertise alongside novel technologies that can enhance the properties of APIs and dosage forms holds promise for viable clinical and commercial success.



Bionanoparticle Technology

Nanoform’s technology can deliver large molecule drug particles as small as 50 nm while retaining biological activity, which can enable patient-friendly drug delivery approaches and potentially higher loads of active ingredients.

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