Newsletter | May 23, 2023

05.23.23 -- Demonstrating Control Over The Manufacturing Process: QbD Studies

Industry Insights
Demonstrating Control Over The Manufacturing Process: QbD Studies

Explore the importance of fate and purge studies, which measure the ability of the process to remove impurities and provide evidence of their removal.

Flexible Expression Technologies For Mammalian, Microbial Proteins

Drs. Joachim Klein and Rebecca Michael from Lonza Pharma & Biotech answer attendee questions from a recent webinar about Lonza’s options for expressing and manufacturing complex biologic drugs.

Simultaneous Spray Drying For Large/Small Molecule Combinations

Gain insights into a “simul-spray” process pioneered for combining small and large molecules into a single atomized drug product for inhalation administration.

Overcome The Hidden Complexities Of mRNA Process Development

Behind the perceived simplicity of mRNA process development, there are many challenges. Explore these challenges as well as characterization strategies and models for predicting process outcomes at early stages.

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