News | September 12, 2023

CyGenica Limited Secures USFDA Approval For Orphan Drug Designation For Novel Drug Conjugate In Glioblastoma Multiforme Treatment

Cork /PRNewswire/ - CyGenica Limited, a dynamic biotech startup announced today a significant achievement in the battle against Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. Dr. Nusrat J M Sanghamitra, Co-founder and CEO of CyGenica, revealed that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has granted Orphan Drug Designation for their revolutionary drug conjugate for the treatment of GBM. This momentous approval represents a significant advancement for CyGenica's innovative intracellular delivery platform, GEENIE, and offers new avenues of hope for patients fighting cancer and rare diseases.

GBM continues to pose a formidable challenge in the field of oncology, calling for novel and effective treatment approaches. CyGenica's Orphan Drug Designation approval for their novel drug conjugate demonstrates a resolute commitment to address the unmet medical needs of GBM patients.

This momentous achievement marks a pivotal milestone in CyGenica's journey as the first application of their targeted intracellular delivery platform, GEENIE, for any disease indication. Beyond GBM, the company envisions a world where GEENIE empowers the development of innovative therapies for various cancers and rare diseases, including nucleotide-based therapeutics like antisense oligonucleotides, SiRNAs, and genome editing therapeutics.

Dr. Nusrat J M Sanghamitra stated, "We are incredibly thrilled to receive the USFDA's approval for our Orphan Drug Designation for our novel drug conjugate in GBM treatment. This validation paves the way for CyGenica to push the boundaries of innovation and expand our intracellular delivery platform, GEENIE to bring hope to countless patients."

As CyGenica continues to advance their novel drug conjugate and GEENIE platform, the company is eager to collaborate with biotech investors and pharmaceutical companies.

"This is a remarkable opportunity for potential partners to join us in the global fight against GBM, other types of cancers, and rare diseases," Dr. Sanghamitra emphasized. "Together, we can unlock the full potential of GEENIE and create a lasting impact on the lives of patients worldwide."

About CyGenica Limited
CyGenica Limited is a pioneering biotech startup based in Ireland and India, dedicated to advancing innovative intracellular delivery technologies and developing novel therapies for GBM, cancer, and rare diseases. The company's unwavering passion for scientific excellence and patient-centricity drives its mission to revolutionize the landscape of oncology.

Source: CyGenica Ltd.

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