Newsletter | December 19, 2023

12.19.23 -- Build A More Sustainable Pharmaceutical Value Chain

Nanoforming: The Patient- And Planet-Centric Approach

Nanoforming can open up exciting new opportunities – from increasing bioavailability to enabling sustained drug delivery. Discover the benefits that can be unlocked for both patients and the planet through the Nanoform toolbox, supported by data from relevant case studies.


The Flux Performance Of Nanoformed And Untreated PRX Solid Suspensions

This poster demonstrates the application of in vitro flux assays to nanoparticles, with data on how the in vitro permeability apparatus can be utilized to characterize the membrane flux performance of an API formulated as a nanosuspension.


Small Is Powerful And Sustained

Advances in sustained-release drug delivery could improve efficiency and consistency in drug release, manifesting real-life advantages for patients in the form of enhanced accessibility and compliance.


Reducing Environmental Impact At All Stages Of The Medicine Journey

Explore how utilizing technologies such as AI and digital twinning can inform decision-making at the R&D stage and how to optimize the delivery of the final drug product with greener logistics. Learn more about selecting a partner who shares the same environmental priorities.



Pharmaceutical Development

Developing an optimized formulation tailored to your API nanoparticles is critical to unlocking their full potential. Using our knowledge of nanomaterials science and specialized nanoformation expertise, Nanoform can help you to deliver a formulation that meets your needs.

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