Newsletter | January 2, 2024

01.02.24 -- Biochips: The Small Devices With Big Promise


Biochips: The Small Devices With Big Promise

Biochips are small medical devices with microarrays for carrying out biochemical processes. Biosensors enable the screening of different biological materials such as enzymes, proteins, DNA, biological molecules, and more, and are used in drug discovery and research. They can also be implanted in the body for targeted drug delivery or to track health data.


Application Of A Novel Temperature Shift Process For Particle Engineering

Spray drying of amorphous dispersions improves solubility and bioavailability that enables supersaturation in the intestine, driving higher rates of absorption when compared to crystalline forms.

Optimizing End-To-End Processes To Reduce Costs And Improve Yields

Explore the challenges faced by a large CDMO, as well as the solutions that were provided to achieve significant time savings, cost savings, and the removal of a major downstream process limitation.

Spray Drying For Improved Solubility

Review detailed answers to questions about a process to develop a spray-dried powder formulation and scale that formulation from early feasibility studies to commercial manufacturing.


Zealand Pharma Submits NDA To The U.S. FDA For glepaglutide In Short Bowel Syndrome

Scilex Announces Filing Of An NDS To Health Canada’s Pharmaceutical Drugs Directorate

Cellusion Receives U.S. FDA Orphan Drug Designation For CLS001

Fauna Bio Announces Collab With Lilly To Apply Fauna's Convergenc AI Platform

GPCR Structure: Research Reveals Molecular Origins Of Function For A Key Drug Target

Scientists Use Organoid Model To Identify Potential New Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Johnson & Johnson Submits sBLA And NDA To U.S. FDA Seeking Approval Of RYBREVANT

Innovent And SanegeneBio Enter Strategic Collab To Develop siRNA Drug

Using AI, MIT Researchers Identify A New Class Of Antibiotic Candidates

Jemincare Announces 6 Approvals Of Clinical Trials For Its Innovative Drugs

BrainStorm Granted Patents For Allogeneic Exosome Platform-Product


Particle Control In Biopharmaceuticals

Automated, Single-Use System For Clinical And Commercial LNP Production