An Inside Look At Cell Therapy Services And Support At Cytiva

Source: Cytiva

“Services” and “support.” What do those words mean in the life science manufacturing industry? The truth is, they’re quite subjective—and relative to each company. Here’s how we define services and support at Cytiva.

Support during the purchasing process

Even in the early stages of purchasing a Cytiva product, our services and support resources are available to you. Throughout your product search, an application expert is ready to help you discover what best fits your needs. But their support doesn’t stop there.

Once you purchase your Cytiva product and it’s installed and qualified by a certified technician, that application expert continues to act as a resource. They’re available to deliver training, nurture your confidence in using the product, and equip you with the information needed to ensure you’re getting the most out of the product.

In fact, your commercial and applications representatives continue to provide support as needed throughout your journey to cell therapy development—should it increase or pivot along the way. But they’re not the only resource at your fingertips. Here are the additional resources available to you:

Online support

The first half of our support offerings is the Regulatory Support section of our website. Here, you can create a profile to get the most out of all available resources. You can access helpful documents—such as statements, certificates, and validation guides—together with explanations on how to navigate the portal and subscribe to email notifications relevant to you. Should you need personalized answers or additional details, our email contact information is available to request clarification while the live chat feature follows you through the navigation.

The Scientific Support team

The second half of our support offerings: our Scientific Support team. What exactly does it look like to get help from the team? We sat down with Cylia, EMEA scientific support specialist for cell and gene therapy applications, for the inside scoop.

Chat. Mail. Phone. From general device questions to regulatory questions, every morning Cylia starts by checking the different options available to customers to interact with the team.

"In the case of a customer reporting an issue, our goal is to eliminate the frustration of explaining your problem multiple times," Cylia explains. This is where she plays a crucial role; she’s your dispatcher, delivering a smooth and efficient experience while connecting you with the help you need.

Equipped with a Ph.D. in gene therapy, Cylia reviews the intake of requests, classifies urgency, and then answers, updates, and connects with internal teams. Each request gets an answer in less than 24 h. And, if the response you get in that timeframe is not yet the answer you’re looking for, it’s a confirmation that someone is actively looking for it.

Cylia is your contact person, your access point to answers about our tools, services, and the science associated with our applications. She can connect you to the variety of individuals who are experts in our products, materials, and parameters. And, in case of an investigation, she’s also your advocate. She, and the entire global scientific support team, have both the laboratory experience to understand your hurdles and emergencies, and the connections to leverage the appropriate resources.

At Cytiva, our Scientific Support team is ready to connect with you on a personal level, using their expertise and experience to understand and address your unique challenges. In the fast-paced world of cell therapy, we know that every moment counts. That's why we're dedicated to swiftly finding solutions and consistently following up to ensure your success, every step of the way.

So, if you're seeking services and support that are continuous throughout your journey from discovery to delivery, let’s connect.

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