Newsletter | September 13, 2023

09.13.23 -- Affinity Chromatography For mAbs, Mechanistic Modeling, And Polishing

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Protein L Affinity Resin Is Ready To Move To Manufacturing

Protein L affinity chromatography resins are used for the capture of antibody Fabs, bispecifics, and other variants containing a kappa light chain. MabSelect™ VL protein L resin is well suited for use in biomanufacturing as it offers increased binding capacities versus other resins.

Alkaline Stability Of Modern Protein A Chromatography Resins

In this study, a resin lifetime study with over 150 cycles, using clarified cell harvest in every cycle, has been performed to evaluate the alkaline stability of three protein A resins.

Rethinking Ion Exchange Chromatography Modeling Using The Colloidal Particle Adsorption (CPA) Model

GoSilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software has introduced an adsorption isotherm class that is based on a colloidal description of proteins, which achieves increased accuracy at high column loading in IEX modeling. In comparison to the standard steric mass adsorption (SMA) model, the new colloidal model achieves increased accuracy at high column loading.

A Guide To Polishing Chromatography In Process Development

Explore the factors you should consider when developing your chromatography polishing steps — from the basics to the typical challenges faced.