Newsletter | December 18, 2023

12.18.23 -- Advancing Process Understanding Through Simulation And Digital Transformation

Simulation Gets Therapies To Patients Faster And Smarter

Digital solutions such as in silico software products are helping to decrease therapeutic time-to-market and get lifesaving drugs to patients both faster and smarter. While big hopes for a “digital revolution” have influenced biopharma in the past, lessons learned tell us that small and steady gains will win the race. But even with the most advanced digital technologies available, access to these solutions remains a challenge we are working hard to overcome. Read the article.


It’s Time To Simplify Your Bioprocess Scale-Up

With the Cytiva Bioreactor Scaler cloud-based app, today’s scientists and process developers can have all models and data for cell culture scaling at one central point to gain process insights. No more time wasted pulling data from multiple sources or colleagues, or worse, using inaccurate data for scaling. Learn how digital standardized tools can simplify your scaling practices, help you better predict and visualize scaling needs, and reduce trial-and-error experimentation. Read the e-book.


Webinar: Bioreactor Scaling Made Simpler

Join this discussion to understand how digital standardized tools can simplify your scaling practices and help you better predict and visualize scaling needs. Learn why advanced visualization and simulation capabilities are important to help you reduce trial-and-error experimentation, and get your molecules to market faster. Watch now.


Bioprocessing 4.0: Digital Transformation Of Biopharmaceutical Process Development

Digital transformation has become an increasingly important topic for the biopharmaceutical industry as it leads to new opportunities for additional value creation and competitive advantage. Digital biomanufacturing takes advantage of the Internet of Things to connect contrasting sources of data, equipment, materials, and people. In combination with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, and digital twins, biopharma 4.0 changes legacy concepts from the ground up. Read the article.


In Silico Approaches Toward Automated Biomanufacturing

The goal of manufacturing is to control and maintain a commercial process capable of consistently producing a drug of the highest quality and safety. As part of manufacturing science and technology (MSAT), in silico approaches such as mechanistic modeling can be used to support and facilitate several activities in the production of biopharmaceuticals at all scales. Read the article.