Newsletter | October 2, 2023

10.02.23 -- Securing Your Consumables Supply Chain

Enhancing Security Of Supply Of Cell Culture Media With Single-Use Bags

Biopharma manufacturers continue to face a challenging supply and demand landscape. Single-use components — specifically, single-use bags that store liquid cell culture media and buffers — have been particularly affected by supply chain issues. Learn how we secured our single-use bag supply with in-house manufacturing of liquid media bags.


High-Quality Resins Manufacturing During A Pandemic And Beyond

Chromatography resins are the cornerstone of many downstream processes. Explore an overview of the resin manufacturing process and how a reliable product discontinuation policy, commitment to business continuity management, and capacity expansion plans can help alleviate supply chain issues.


How Biogen Integrated PAT With End-To-End Supply Chain Transparency

The inherent unpredictability of biologic drug development continues to present new challenges to ensuring consistent process performance. To drive dependable process control requirements, Biogen explored novel strategies using process analytical technology (PAT) to increase process and raw material control and optimize communication of data throughout the supply chain.


Dry Powdered Medium Milling Equivalency Study

We conducted an in-depth equivalency study to compare the pin mills and overall dry powdered medium manufacturing processes between three Cytiva production sites. Learn more about the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of representative complex media and feeds in our assessment.



What Makes A High-Quality Chromatography Resin?

The manufacturing process for chromatography resins is complex and time consuming, and the demand for resins in the manufacture of biological medicines is increasing every year. In this video, we walk through the process of what makes a high-quality chromatography resin.

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