• Is Your Intellectual Property Safe With Indian CROs And CDMOs?

    Startups and Big Pharma companies alike are considering India as an alternative to working with China. Is it safe to do business with India? Let's do a deep dive, with insights from American and Indian attorneys.

  • India's CROs & CDMOs Come Of Age In The Global Marketplace

    Most of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and many large biotech companies today get a portion of their preclinical/clinical research, drug development, and/or manufacturing done in India. While a low price is the initial attraction, there are additional factors that can be more meaningful.


Gunjan Bagla

Based in Los Angeles, Gunjan Bagla is managing director of Amritt Inc., a California-based consulting firm focused on helping American companies to succeed in India. His clients include Covidien, Roche Diagnostics, BD, Nordic Naturals, Johnson & Johnson, Gojo, and many more. Gunjan spoke three times at the MD&M West Conference in Anaheim, and was on the keynote panels at MEDevice San Diego and IMDI in Ahmedabad, India. For his India expertise, he has appeared in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, and on Bloomberg TV, BBC Television, and Fox Business News. He also writes about India for the Harvard Business Review and the Huffington Post. Gunjan has an MBA from Southern Illinois University and a mechanical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur in India.