• Interacting With The FDA — Best Practices For Drug Development Success

    When it comes to dealing with and interacting with the FDA, attitude plays an important part in ensuring the agency is on your side. How do you do this?

  • 10 Critical Components Of A Successful Global Drug Development Plan

    We use plans every day to help us arrive at our desired destinations.  Pilots utilize flight plans prior to take off — although they have flown to their destination perhaps hundreds of times before, they nevertheless reviews and follows a flight plan. Likewise, ship’s captains also file plans and chart courses. Road maps provide guidance on how to drive from point A to point B, though today most people rely on electronic global positioning systems (GPS) to assist with navigation.

Albert Yehaskel

Albert Yehaskel


Albert Yehaskel is president and CEO of the consulting firm Refuah Global Pharmaceutical Development. He has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years, working for companies including Schering-Plough, Lederle Laboratories (part of American Cyanamid, now known as Wyeth), Block Drug, Sanofi, Purdue Pharma, Daiichi-Sankyo, Shionogi USA, and Indigo Pharmaceuticals. Over 25 years of his career has been devoted to regulatory affairs, managing and directing domestic and international regulatory submissions, orchestrating key FDA meetings, and conducting pharmaceutical research and development. He has two master’s degrees — an MBA in economics and finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University and an M.S. in organic chemistry from Queens College, City University of New York — as well as a B.S. in chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.