News | February 27, 2020

zPREDICTA Enters Strategic Collaboration With LabCorp To Advance The Use Of 3D Cell Cultures In Research And Drug Development


zPREDICTA, Inc., the leading provider of tumor-specific 3D cell culture models for the in vitro testing of anti-cancer therapeutics, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with LabCorp, a leading global life sciences company. The agreement will support the adoption of zPREDICTA’s proprietary 3D cell culture platform for preclinical testing and research studies in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The collaboration combines zPREDICTA’s strengths in the development of clinically relevant 3D cell culture models with LabCorp’s strengths in drug development and precision medicine. Since its founding in 2014, zPREDICTA has provided customized tumor-specific 3D cell culture models and in vitro testing services to leading global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The collaboration with LabCorp is an important next step in the evolution of zPREDICTA’s business.

Julia Kirshner, Ph.D., founder and CEO of zPREDICTA, commented, “We are very pleased to enter into this strategic collaboration with LabCorp, and we look forward to working together to accelerate the adoption of our 3D cell culture platform across the biopharmaceutical industry. LabCorp is one of the world’s leading life science companies, and its drug development business, Covance, is one of the leading end-to-end development partners for the biopharmaceutical industry. With this strategic relationship, we are well-positioned to offer our cell culture technology to a much larger customer base and also to expand the number of cell culture models that we offer.”

“Given our focus on precision medicine, particularly in the area of oncology, we are looking forward to working with zPREDICTA to develop and commercialize tumor-specific preclinical models based on its 3D cell culture technology,” said Steve Anderson, Ph.D., Covance chief scientific officer. “Covance continues to invest in innovations that improve drug development. We believe the zPREDICTA 3D in vitro models offer a more predictable method for early evaluation of responses to immuno-oncology therapies.”


zPREDICTA has developed a proprietary 3D cell culture platform for the testing of a broad range of therapeutic agents. zPREDICTA’s 3D cell culture models are tissue-specific and disease-specific thus offering higher predictive and analytical value than traditional 2D testing or non-specific 3D models. zPREDICTA provides in vitro testing services to some of the leading global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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