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10.18.22 -- Why Is Integrated Service So Important For Modern Pharma?

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Why Is Integrated Service So Important For Modern Pharma?

For small biopharma businesses, it is nearly impossible to manage every aspect of the development process in house. Outsourcing provides the flexibility to change capacity and adjust timings.

Demonstrating Control Over The Manufacturing Process: QbD Studies

Explore the importance of fate and purge studies, which measure the ability of the process to remove impurities and provide evidence of their removal.

Are End-To-End CDMO Partnerships The Solution To Drug Development And Manufacturing Upheaval?

Growing complexity and risks in drug development and supply have implications for outsourcing models. See how to structure and manage CDMO partnerships for a future filled with uncertainty and disruption.

Purifying Infectious Virus Particles Using AKTA Start

This application note demonstrates a chromatography method for purifying reovirus RNA virus particles using a benchtop chromatography system, HiTrap brand columns, and Capto brand Core 700 resin.

Scale-Up And Site Transfer Of A Semi-Solid Product For Commercial Launch

Any changes to the equipment and processes used to produce a semi-solid dosage form may affect the physicochemical characteristics, bioavailability, and sensory qualities of the final product.

Advancing A Cell Therapy Drug To The Clinic: Safety Tox Package

Cytopeutics, a provider of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for clinical trials and treatment, needed to conduct safety and tumorigenicity studies in appropriate animal models for its hMSC product.

Flexible Expression Technologies For Mammalian, Microbial Proteins

Drs. Joachim Klein and Rebecca Michael from Lonza Pharma & Biotech answer attendee questions from a recent webinar about Lonza’s options for expressing and manufacturing complex biologic drugs.

The Wider Use Of mRNA To Treat Various Forms Of Cancer And Autoimmune Diseases

Each of the diseases discussed is different in the way that they manifest is different, and the target cell arguably is going to be different as well. Straps and Kalayoglu break it down disease by disease.

Predicting Clinical GI Safety Outcomes Using An In Vitro Human Intestinal Epithelial Model

See how a simpler approach utilizing a monolayer of primary human epithelial cells can more accurately predict GI toxicity.

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