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11.12.19 -- Why Early Investment In A Scalable Manufacturing Process Is Critical

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Why Early Investment In A Scalable Manufacturing Process Is Critical
Article | By Enrico Corona and Jonathan Sutch, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The failure of drug compounds in mid- to late-stage development is far more common than anyone would like it to be. Only about 30% of compounds successfully transition from Phase II to Phase III.

Collaboration With Third Parties And Its Impact On Document Management
Article | Dassault Systemes Americas

Collaboration takes many forms; this article will look at how document production, distribution and archiving are affected by the virtual pharma model and in clinical and manufacturing quality settings.

Sensitive And Reproducible SPR-Based Concentration And Ligand-Binding Analyses
White Paper | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) assays are used across the life cycle of a biopharmaceutical, from target identification, through CQA determination, development, and on-going quality control. This article focuses on concentration assays associated with late-stage development and biotherapeutic drug chemical manufacturing and control.

Flow Chemistry Vs. Batch Processes
White Paper | GVK Biosciences

Chemical development is a time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive process. Continuous flow chemistry technology is currently emerging as an effective tool to conduct chemical synthesis, both at the micro and mesoscale, providing an improved product quality with safe and environmentally conducive process in comparison to traditional batch synthesis.

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