Newsletter | June 30, 2020

06.30.20 -- What You Need To Know To Avoid Costly Delays In Your API Scale-Up

Industry Insights
What You Need To Know To Avoid Costly Delays In Your API Scale-Up

If, in the course of the development process, undesirable effects occur that negatively impact API scale-up, it can prevent a company from delivering a product with reliable quality and efficacy. 

Developing A Novel Approach To Real-Time Monitoring Of Antibody Titer

Optimizing process efficiency is an ongoing goal of the biomanufacturing industry. Improved processes have a direct impact on lowering operating costs, reducing risk of production failures and can improve product quality which all leads to getting drugs to patients efficiently, cost-effectively and in a timely manner. 

Why Are Lipid Formulations Commonly Used To Enhance Bioavailability?

A discussion on potential mechanisms of increased absorption with lipid formulations, screening tools used during the development of these formulations, scale up, and industrialization considerations. 

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