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11.26.19 -- What You Need To Know To Avoid Costly Delays In Your API Scale-Up

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What You Need To Know To Avoid Costly Delays In Your API Scale-Up
Article | By Peter Pöchlauer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

If, in the course of the development process, undesirable effects occur that negatively impact API scale-up, it can prevent a company from delivering a product with reliable quality and efficacy. 

Identifying Heterogeneity Within Rare Cell Populations By Pairing Single-Cell RNA-Seq With Cell Sorting
Application Note | Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Studying biology at a single-cell level can provide crucial insights into how individual cells contribute to human biology and disease. Here we demonstrate that the resolution of single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) can be greatly enhanced by adding a cell sorting step prior to RNA-Seq analysis.

Histidine-Tagged Protein Purification And Detection
Brochure | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Understand each of the steps in this workflow and what products will influence the results in terms of recovery, purity and analytical quality as well as also open opportunities to save time and money.

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