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10.11.22 -- Understanding Sterile Filtration And Importance Of Prefiltration

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Understanding Sterile Filtration And Importance Of Prefiltration

Learn more about the importance of sterile filtration and how sterile filters are validated by the manufacturer, and review the process and value of selecting the best prefilter to improve final sterile filtration performance.

Expanding The Boundaries Of Subcutaneous Injections

As the field of biologics increases its focus on identifying new diseases to target and novel constructs to treat them, innovative administration devices are once again in the spotlight.

Development Of A Platform Approach To Binding ELISAs

We demonstrate how to reduce the time taken to develop a binding ELISA from over five runs to just two runs for both IgG monoclonal antibodies and Fc fusion proteins.

Overcome Complex Protein Challenges With Optimized Expression

Realizing the potential of next-generation molecules calls on appropriate expression technologies and development processes that can facilitate their path to market.

Boost Performance With A Chromatography Resin Update

Workhouse resins developed in the 1980s are still used in many processes, but are you missing out on better productivity and performance? How do you know which resin to use in new projects?

Ensuring Resilience: How Life Sciences Is Reshaping Supply Chains In Response To COVID-19

Understand how the supply chain experience, severely affected by COVID-19, involving global workforce disruption, surging demand, and drug shortage notices, is shaping attitudes toward resilience.

Investing In Capacity: API Commercial Manufacturing

A pharmaceutical company sought a CMO partner with commercial manufacturing capabilities and expertise and exemplary quality systems to find a cost-effective process to produce the API for a new drug.

Flexible Expression Technologies For Mammalian, Microbial Proteins

Drs. Joachim Klein and Rebecca Michael from Lonza Pharma & Biotech answer attendee questions from a recent webinar about Lonza’s options for expressing and manufacturing complex biologic drugs.

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