Newsletter | February 14, 2023

02.14.23 -- Top Considerations For Building A Lab-To-Cloud Workflow

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Top Considerations For Building A Lab-To-Cloud Workflow

Since March 2020, cloud adoption has accelerated at an unprecedented rate and across every industry. Remote collaboration has become paramount. Explore critical considerations for organizations building lab-to-cloud workflows.

Scale-Up And BLA Planning For Microbial Biomanufacturing

Early planning for scale-up and biologics license application activities can maximize your chances of success by allowing sufficient time to develop launch options and prevent costly delays and setbacks.

Lysate Clearance To Remove Cellular Debris

The most problematic step in the purification of synthesized biomolecules is the clarification of the sample once the cells are lysed. The lysate often contains biomolecule concentrations millions of times higher than the molecule of interest. Here we present a lysate sample preparation procedure using the AcroPrep™ Advance filter plate for lysate clearance that effectively removes unwanted cellular debris from samples.

Purifying Infectious Virus Particles Using AKTA Start

This application note demonstrates a chromatography method for purifying reovirus RNA virus particles using a benchtop chromatography system, HiTrap brand columns, and Capto brand Core 700 resin.

Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs

A company was seeking a CDMO partner with the expertise and technological capabilities to combine three drug substances into a fixed-dose combination product suitable for adult and pediatric dosing.

The Key Enablers Of Late-Phase Biologics Development And Launch

Dr. Claudia Müller answers questions from a webinar about the complex path to a successful product launch, which requires a holistic development strategy driven by a well-defined target product profile.

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