Newsletter | August 3, 2007

8.3.07 -- The Pharmaceutical Business From Drug Discovery Through Product Launch
Top News Stories
The Pharmaceutical Business From Drug Discovery Through Product Launch
Strategic Partnering - Activities For Improving Alliances & Outsourcing Relationships
EPIX Pharmaceuticals To Present At IBC's 12th Annual Drug Discovery & Development Of Innovative Therapeutics World Congress
Ensemble Discovery and Roche Initiate Research Collaboration to Apply New Diagnostic Technology to Optimize Cancer Therapy
Amprotein Achieves Mammalian Expression Breakthrough For Industrial Use
Pharsight Releases Drug Model Explorer Version 1.6
Collaborative Drug Discovery Releases Next Generation Database For Both Private Collaborations And Public Open Access
Alnylam And Medtronic Advance Collaboration On Drug-Device Combinations With Rnai Therapeutics For CNS Diseases
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation And The Association For Frontotemporal Dementias Create New Collaborative Grant Award Program
Iongate Automates Active Substance Research On Transporters With SURFE2R Workstation
Featured Products
Engineered Precision Glass
Wilmad's engineered precision glass is used for liquid handling, pharmaceutical discovery, flow and process control, telecommunications, laser and electronics, military, defense & industrial, and clinical diagnostics...

SFC Method Station
Thar's automated method development system screens for separations using multiple injections of multiple compounds using potentially several columns, solvents, pressure and flow gradients...

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
Whether your molecule is in the early stages of development or nearing patent expiry, Baxter can be your outsource partner. Unique, proprietary technologies and expertise provide tools for solving your drug delivery problems and offering you the potential to develop safe, efficacious, and competitive drugs...

Floor Model Stability/Humidity Chambers
Hotpack offers two Floor Model Humidity chambers with 33 cu.ft. capacity and a choice of temperature ranges of above ambient to 70ºC or 0ºC to 70ºC with 1/3 hp refrigeration system and automatic defrost...

Sterilizing-Grade Filters
Pall Fluorodyne II filter cartridges feature a unique hydrophilic modified polyvinylidenedifluoride (PVDF) membrane with ultra-low binding properties, broad chemical and temperature resistance, and higher flows than competitive PVDF or other membrane cartridges...

Virtis AdVantage Benchtop Freeze Dryer
As user-friendly as it is sophisticated, Virtis has managed to pack valuable features in this small freeze dryer system for process manufacturing needs. The smallest shelf freeze dryer offered, this equipment can be configured with a manual or automated control system and as a bulk or stoppering freeze dryer...

Featured Download
Pre-Phase I Services
Camargo Pharmaceutical Services is a one-stop source for pre-Phase I drug development services, including: due diligence (CMC, pre-clinical and initial Phase I studies), drug product feasibility assessment, clinical program development, and protocol design and implementation...
Consulting Services
ProSavvy brings clients with projects together with consultants who have the right expertise. We also provide consultants the ability to access project opportunities. Visit ProSavvy and post your project today!
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