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01.11.22 -- The Challenges Of Moving A Bioconjugate From Clinic To Market

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The Challenges Of Moving A Bioconjugate From Clinic To Market

Working with a partner that provides a one-stop shop for bioconjugate development and manufacturing helps prevent missteps that threaten delivery of life-saving drugs to patients who need them.

The Demand For High Quality DNA Necessitates Improved Techniques For High-Throughput Purification

The demand for high purity plasmid DNA continues to increase in molecular biology research. This app note covers a solution for nucleic acid binding for small scale plasmid DNA purification.

Improving The Overall Efficiency Of Cell Line Development

Cell line development, primarily driven by resource-intensive manual cell culture processes and analytics, is often associated with long development timelines and large, complex data volumes. For every project, a wealth of data is generated. With demands for shorter timelines and increasing complexity of modalities you need a modular design framework that can leverage this data, unify processes, and transform current workflows.

Explore Protein Function Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

We’ve collected a few examples of how an academic research group used Biacore™ X100 SPR system in their research to investigate protein-RNA, protein-protein interactions, and how researchers have used SPR to measure antibody specificity. Download the white paper A year of interaction with Biacore™ X100.

Development And Manufacture Of Biopharmaceuticals Produced In Microbial Systems

We discuss the trends in new molecular formats, which is one of the current drivers of renewed interest in fermentation technologies, along with some of their challenges. We also discuss considerations for an early process development strategy that helps plan a program with the end goal in mind.

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