TAKEONE® Aseptic Sampling System

Source: Sartorius

Aseptic sampling devices are a critical component in an effective microbial control program. Samples collected with TAKEONE® are used to measure critical purity attributes such as bioburden, sterility and endotoxin levels and important process parameters like metabolites, nutrients, osmolality, pH and more. The TAKEONE® aseptic sampling device is a pre-assembled and single-use sampling solution. The 1,5" or 2" device has 5 or 9 fully-closed and independent sampling lines. TAKEONE® collects perfectly representative samples giving exact results with no risk of false positives.

Quick and Easy Aseptic Sampling

Reduce Risk and Break the Soft-Parts Life Cycle

Soft Parts Life Cycle

Soft Parts, also known as reusable parts, are components used on multiple batches in a production process. Reuseable parts present a risk of bioburden contamination which can be due to improper cleaning, improper assembly, damaged or worn parts and other reasons.

Regulatory Agencies demand a risk assessment on all equipment including validation of the number of uses, number of cleaning | sanitization cycles and a program to monitor and control the life cycle of equipment before replacement.

Security in Simplicity

The TAKEONE® is the first Pre-Assembled Aseptic Sampling device and is fully single-use. The inherent simplicity of the TAKEONE® removes risks of other sampling systems with complex life-cycles. Production processes with TAKEONE® are clean, simple and robust.

The pre-assembled and single-use TAKEONE® eliminates risk, reduces costs and saves time. TAKEONE® is the preferred aseptic sampling device for an effective microbial control and monitoring program.

Accurate Aseptic Sampling

A Collection Vessel for Each Sampling Type

Collect samples in the ideal sample container for the analysis type by selecting from our thorough list of options.

Reduce Waste and Eliminate False Positives

Each fluid pathway is fully closed and aseptic from the process vessel to sample container so there is no risk of false positives or ambiguous results. The spring return actuator helps operators to reduce product waste or burst sampling lines from over sampling.