Newsletter | May 17, 2022

05.17.22 -- Take Control Of And Optimize Your Development Process

Procedure Management Solution Significantly Reduces Compliance Risk

Life science manufacturing companies need to minimize the risks of compliance non-conformance and the significant associated post-event costs. Organizations can avoid these risks with systems that include the procedures for QC lab testing with the according specifications, and that can enforce their execution.

Continued Process Verification: Monitoring And Maintaining A State Of Control

To ensure that a commercial biomanufacturing process is in a state of control, life science companies must create and successfully execute initiatives to meet continued process verification (CPV) and other monitoring guidelines. Learn how to navigate the major steps of implementing a global monitoring plan for continued process verification.

Global Biopharma Improves Product Purity And Reduces Costs

Following several mergers and acquisitions, a biopharmaceutical company had to manage an increasing amount of data from disparate online and offline sources. A solution allowed them to access data from various sources and to feed other systems with data quickly to support the company’s digital science and manufacturing informatics strategies.

Improve CMC Productivity Through Digital Lab Transformation

The growing complexity and diversity of therapeutic product lines and acceleration of clinical trial processes has put chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) organizations on the critical path for commercial product launches requiring the end-to-end, digital transformation of CMC processes. Explore how digital lab informatics services can improve collaborative innovation and productivity.

Simplifying CPV Validation And Consistency

A leading organization in small molecule therapies was facing a challenge in ensuring consistent CPV initiatives across their different manufacturing sites and was maintaining a uniform standard of data in their manufacturing analytics. A software solution that was purpose-built for biopharmaceutical manufacturing provided a strong foundation to streamline the validation of manufacturing analytics for CPV and reporting.

Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Implements Manufacturing Process Optimization Solution

Data gathering was difficult for an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company, as data resided in paper-based documents, spreadsheets, and complex equipment systems. Being unable to garner insights from the data for impactful decisions drove them to seek a solution that could accelerate data aggregation, modeling, and prediction.


BIOVIA Discoverant For Process Development And Manufacturing

BIOVIA Discoverant for process development and manufacturing is a validation-ready solution for process and quality data access, aggregation, contextualization, analysis, and reporting.

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