Newsletter | June 22, 2020

06.22.20 -- Strategies For Biopharma: Drug Discovery And Development

Developability Assessment Of Small Molecules

Developability assessment or preformulation studies of small molecules is an important part of the drug discovery process leading to selection of new chemical entities (NCEs) for clinical studies. This article dives deeper into why we need developability assessment as well as its processes.

Flow Chemistry vs. Batch Processes

Batch processing of new chemicals requires versatile, qualified equipment to perform different unit operations. Continuous flow chemistry is emerging as an effective chemical synthesis tool.

Pharmacokinetic Strategies In CNS Drug Discovery

Drugs targeting central nervous system (CNS) diseases fail regularly. This article discusses successful pharmacokinetic (PK) approaches employed in the recent past, and may help your CNS targeted drug discovery and development efforts.

Developing A Novel Approach To Real-Time Monitoring Of Antibody Titer

Optimizing process efficiency is an ongoing goal of the biomanufacturing industry. Improved processes have a direct impact on lowering operating costs, reducing risk of production failures and can improve product quality which all leads to getting drugs to patients efficiently, cost-effectively and in a timely manner.