Newsletter | June 23, 2022

06.23.22 -- Smarter Solutions For Your Cell Line Development

Expand Your Capabilities And Speed Time-to-Clinic With A Combination Of Technology And Expertise

When it comes to the commercialization of biologics, effective, high-quality cell line development (CLD) is essential for success. This webinar highlights the cell line development workflow required to produce stable and scalable clones that are ready to be used in a clinical or commercial setting.

A Multi-Scale Approach To CHO Media Benchmarking

Competitive commercial CHO processes demand a balanced combination of media, process, and production clone to achieve optimal performance. This study aims to apply a multi-scale approach to efficiently screen combinations of chemically defined commercial media and various CHO production clones using benchtop bioreactor systems.

The Critical Steps For Protein Therapeutic Potency Assay Development

Learn from an expert about the process of assay development, qualification, and validation for potency assays and how we can support customers through this vital step.

How A Single Provider Can Reduce Protein Biologic Development Risk

In this webinar, we review the problems, risks, and pain points that drug developers experience the most and explore the benefits of an integrated products and services platform for cell line development.

CHO Platform Service Package: The Fast Track To IND

With increasing competition and the progress of biosimilars, drug developers need to focus on speed, predictability, and quality. Our service package brings together CLD, including the fully optimized 4Cell® cell culture media system, protein characterization, cell banking, and biosafety testing to accelerate your program and put your molecule on the path to success.

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