Single-Use Anion Exchange Membranes: ReadyToProcess™ Adsorber Q

Source: Cytiva
Single-Use Anion Exchange Membranes: ReadyToProcess Adsorber Q

ReadyToProcess Adsorber Q is a range of single-use anion exchange membranes for efficient polishing of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and other large molecules at high flow rates.

  • Convenient single-use membranes for lean and flexible manufacturing of MAbs, vaccines, and other biotherapeutics.
  • Void volume-optimized and well-proven Sartobind™ membrane technology enables efficient purification at high sample loads and flow rates.
  • Simple connectivity using ReadyCircuit assemblies and seamless integration with the ÄKTA chromatography system range.
  • Available in formats from high-throughput process development (HTPD) PreDictor 96-well filter plates to 5 L membrane capsules for large-scale manufacturing.

Flexible single-use manufacturing

ReadyToProcess Adsorber membranes are versatile single-use membranes that can be easily switched in and out of manufacturing processes. The membranes are of high value in low- to mid-frequency manufacturing setups and in multiproduct facilities.

Optimized design

The void volume-optimized design, used in ReadyToProcess Adsorber, contributes to a better flow mixing and distribution compared with a non-optimized design. The benefit of smaller void volume is an increased dynamic binding capacity (DBC) at 10% breakthrough.

Simple connectivity and reliable scalability

For convenient and reliable scale-up, the ReadyToProcess Adsorber product line is available from 96-well screening formats for HTPD, all the way to sizes for large-scale production. The membrane capsules are recommended to be operated with ÄKTA chromatography systems to enable greater process control.

ReadyToProcess Adsorber membranes allow easy handling through simple connectivity with ReadyCircuit assemblies—sterile, fluid-processing circuits, quickly configurable and assembled via ReadyMate disposable aseptic connectors. To ensure reliable performance, the ULTA HC prefilter product range is recommended to use as guard filters with ReadyToProcess Adsorber.

For efficient MAb polishing

ReadyToProcess Adsorber Q complements Cytiva’s MAb toolbox by providing efficient polishing of MAbs at high flow rates. The most established approach for purifying MAbs is a three-step process, where the initial capture step using a protein A medium is followed by two polishing steps using cation exchange (CIEX) and anion exchange (AIEX) chromatography. ReadyToProcess Adsorber Q is typically used for the third step in this process, but can also be used for the second step.