Newsletter | December 21, 2021

12.21.21 -- Scientists Unveil Drug Discovery Tool To Screen More Than 11 Billion Compounds

Industry Insights
Selecting In Vitro Dissolution Methodologies For Amorphous Solid Dispersions

With the availability of so many types of in vitro dissolution tests, how do you determine which one will be most effective in predicting in vivo performance of your BCS II or IV drug product?

How Tools And Technologies Bring Advanced Therapies To Market

When life science manufacturers can provide all of the technologies and expertise necessary to manufacture a drug, all scientists need to focus on is discovery.

Cell Line Development Toolbox For The Development Of Intensified CHO Processes

Intensified process formats promise improved cost efficiency in biotherapeutics production through lower cost of goods and increased plant flexibility. CHO clones from traditional cell line development differ in responsiveness to process intensification, so efficient approaches for selecting suitable clones and developing associated USP processes are needed. This poster outlines a USP toolbox that can be applied to assess the suitability of clones for the intensification and the development of different types of intensified processes.

Spray Dry Manufacturing Formulations For Local Lung Cancer Treatment

Recent advances in spray drying technology show promising results and potentially facilitate more effective mAbs through direct delivery to the lung.

Purifying Infectious Virus Particles Using ÄKTA Start

This application note demonstrates a chromatography method for purifying reovirus RNA virus particles using a benchtop chromatography system, HiTrap brand columns, and Capto brand Core 700 resin.

Five Ways To Accelerate Your Cell Line Development Process

This infographic explores the five actions that biotech companies should know when establishing their cell line development processes for commercialization of a biological product.

Q&A: Discussing The Lab Of The 21st Century

Today’s Life Sciences companies are facing major challenges to their continued operations and profitability as they deal with a changing workplace. Add in the existing challenges of patent expirations, low R&D productivity, increased competition, decreasing margins and non-optimized processes, and the result is uncompetitive cycle times along with unprecedented cost and compliance pressure.

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