SA25 Liquid/Lyo System

Source: Cytiva
SA25 Liquid Lyo System Feature

The SA25 Liquid/Lyo System integrates two additional workcells with the SA25 to meet all your filling and lyophilizer loading needs. The system is fully automated and totally flexible for vials, syringes, and cartridges.

Speed to market

Helping you get your drug products to market faster, the delivery lead time for the SA25 Liquid/Lyo System is short, and won’t delay your project.

Customers have been able to begin liquid filling operations before adding lyophilized drug product capacity at a later date.

Reduced risk

Loading and unloading a freeze-dryer is the highest risk process in aseptic production. Material handling errors can cause significant product loss and even batch failures.

Cytiva’s robots safely and securely load and unload your drug product. Individual vials cannot tip over or jam, as they are secure in their nests.

Drug product quality

Like you, high product quality is Cytiva's number one concern. The SA25 Liquid/Lyo System uses an optimal aseptic process within closed gloveless isolators that eliminate the need for operator intervention.

The drug product remains within an ISO5/Grade A environment throughout the filling, loading, and closing processes. Inert gas stoppering can be used for long-term product stability.