RoboSeq® 2500

Source: MWG Biotech Inc. USA

RoboSeq® 2500
The RoboSeq® 2500 Automated Biosystem for high throughput sequencing...
The reaction setup up is done with a washable 8-tip tool in 96 or 384 well format.

In the automated process the microplates are moved with the plate handler to different modules. This enables simultaneous processing of several plates in one run without user intervention.

Finished plates are stored in a cooled stacker.

On the platform up to 2 Primus HPL thermal cyclers in 96 (Primus 96 HPL) or 384 (Primus 384HPL) format can be integrated to cycle the reaction decks and store them later in cooled and darkened stackers.

The RoboSeq® 2500 can be connected to the MWG-BIOTECH's RoboPrep (via conveyor belt) for complete automation of high throughput sequencing (Robo Prep - Robo Seq connected).