Newsletter | September 3, 2019

09.03.19 -- Researchers Advance Organ-On-Chip Technology To Advance Drug Development

Industry Insights
The Evolution Of Public Health Research: The Next Frontier
Article | By Abdul Ally, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Public health and medical research occasionally take unexpected turns that allow us to glimpse new wonders into the world we inhabit. After the scientific community had accepted Pasteur’s germ theory of disease, discoveries in microbiology increased exponentially, including Robert Koch’s use of agar in 1876 as a culture medium to isolate specific micro-organisms.

How Well Are Your HCP ELISAs Covered?
Article | By Joe Hirano, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Validating host cell protein ELISAs is an essential part of biologics development. But what makes these coverage assays so vital, and what could we improve? Read how this 2D DIBE approach combines the best of existing methods.

Traumatic Brain Injury — A Controversial And Deadly Epidemic
Article | Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Researchers have been striving for a method of TBI detection that is portable, openly accessible, and requires little training and expertise to administer. Experts in the field recognize that serum-based biomarkers represent the holy grail of potential TBI detection and prognosis. Improvements in technology through machine learning and novel biomarkers show promise in the search for valid, portable, and low-cost diagnostic tools.



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Most Popular News
Webinar: Smarter Development Of Chromatography Processes

September 24, 2019 | 11:00 a.m. EDT

Smart process development is a collection of approaches to make process development better and faster — providing the developers with tools to face the rapidly changing landscape. This webinar will review three fields that enable reduced timelines and improved outcomes of process development activities:

  • In-silico process development and data-driven decisions
  • Management of process variability through deeper process understanding
  • Use of high-throughput methodologies
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