Newsletter | January 17, 2023

01.17.23 -- Recent Innovations And Enhancements To Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Industry Insights
Recent Innovations And Enhancements To Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Finding alternative solvent approaches could allow for lower volumes of less toxic solvents, significantly improving both the environmental and human health implications of new drugs produced.

The Advantages And Challenges Of Fixed-Dose Combination Products

Understanding the significant competitive advantages of FDC products, and the difficulties and potential pitfalls associated with their development and manufacturing in oral solid dosage forms, is critical.

Evaluation Of Influenza Production In MDCK CD Medium

Learn more about the production benefits imposed using MDCK cells that have the potential to significantly reduce lead times for vaccine production and alleviate constraints on raw material supply.

Better Biotherapeutic Characterization For Improved Quality Control

Critical quality attributes (CQAs) are fundamental to regulatory compliance and typically include data on how the candidate interacts with target proteins, size, and purity. In addition, information on process-related CQAs such as protein integrity, homogeneity, presence of host cell proteins, and DNA is required. This poster booklet provides a snapshot on how different analytical technologies have been used to look into aspects related to the efficacy, stability, and safety of therapeutic candidates.

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