Datasheet | May 17, 2021

QUMAS Integrated Cloud-Based Quality And Regulatory Compliance Management

A Quality Management System is the core of any Quality strategy of organizations. It helps organize and document all quality efforts to ensure systems, processes, and products are of utmost quality and meet all regulatory compliance mandates. Quality Systems are relevant to any regulated industry such as Life Science, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Aerospace. Quality is often perceived as a costly burden and compliance is considered as non-value adding. However, compliance and Quality can both be achieved at the same time in a cost effective way. An integrated, easy to use and easy to manage Quality System contains costs and efforts of compliance and results in more efficient and higher quality products and processes.

QUMAS, Dassault Systèmes’ integrated cloud-based solution for managing quality documentation and processes provides customers with the confidence of a proven comprehensive solution, designed for heavily regulated industries with a modern and agile deployment approach. It connects quality processes, document control, learning management and quality data search and analytics in a single solution and allows connecting to other Quality relevant applications from BIOVIA such as laboratory informatics (BIOVIA ONE Quality Lab) and manufacturing intelligence (BIOVIA Discoverant) as well as to 3rd party applications.

The QUMAS portfolio consists of QUMAS EDMS for Quality Document and Content Management and QUMAS EQMS for Quality Process Management. This integrated solution allows  organizations to automate quality processes and manage quality processes across all stakeholders, ensure data integrity, reduce compliance risks and to achieve Quality Excellence. In contrast to traditional document-centric solutions with static unstructured reports and documents, QUMAS is a data-centric solution that allows for easy access to documents as well as data to support typical business use as well as to support audits and investigations. Additional capabilities for Quality Intelligence
allow easier and faster GMP-decision making.

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