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08.16.22 -- Project Management To Meet Today's Drug Development Challenges

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Project Management To Meet Today’s Drug Development Challenges

Gain insights into the steps CDMOs can take to streamline project management to benefit the small and emerging biotech companies they work with.

Unpacking The Complexity Of In Vitro Intestinal Models

Read how technological advances are enabling the drug development process to translate results more effectively from preclinical experiments to late-stage clinical trials.

SimpliFiH Solutions For Accelerated Pharmaceutical Development

Explore an integrated service package designed to simplify and accelerate the development pathway, even for APIs with challenging properties such as low aqueous solubility and poor bioavailability.

How Can We Predict Immunogenicity Earlier?

With many biotherapeutics a strong immunogenic response can limit the effectiveness of the treatment or cause a more serious illness. This remains a challenge for scientists as the underlying mechanisms of unwanted immunogenicity still aren’t completely understood. Detecting and preventing unwanted sources of immunogenicity as early in the discovery process as possible has become a top priority for research organizations since biotherapeutic development becomes increasingly costly as it moves downstream.

Purifying Infectious Virus Particles Using AKTA Start

This application note demonstrates a chromatography method for purifying reovirus RNA virus particles using a benchtop chromatography system, HiTrap brand columns, and Capto brand Core 700 resin.

Investing In Capacity: API Commercial Manufacturing

A pharmaceutical company sought a CMO partner with commercial manufacturing capabilities and expertise and exemplary quality systems to find a cost-effective process to produce the API for a new drug.

Harnessing Targeted Protein Degradation

A leading biotech company working in the targeted protein degradation space was looking for fast delivery of the compounds, open, transparent, and on-time communication, and flexibility and ability to scale.

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