Newsletter | September 28, 2021

09.28.21 -- Project Management To Meet Today's Drug Development Challenges

Industry Insights
Project Management To Meet Today’s Drug Development Challenges

Gain insights into the steps CDMOs can take to streamline project management to benefit the small and emerging biotech companies they work with.

Spray-Dried Dispersions Enable Local Delivery For Lung Cancer

Spray drying is a leading technology for particle engineering and particularly advantageous for manufacturing particles in the inhalable range of 1-5 microns. Learn more about spray drying through two case studies of inhaled dry powders.

Precision Powder-In-Capsule Micro-Dosing Accelerates Drug Product Development

A key tool to address tight timelines and complex molecules is precision powder micro-dosing in capsules, which makes it possible to quickly get formulations to the clinic, saving time, money, and use of limited API, while avoiding premature termination of otherwise promising APIs.

Developing A Closed Connected Single Use mAb Purification Process

This article provides an overview of a successfully designed closed and physically connected mAb process at the pilot scale with single-use components.

Purifying Tagged Proteins Using ÄKTA Go Protein Purification System

ÄKTA go is a small and compact liquid chromatography system that allows researchers to perform routine protein purification with ease while allowing for efficient use of bench and cold cabinet space.

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