Newsletter | November 24, 2021

11.24.21 -- Process Intensification: Key Considerations And Expert Insights

Top Considerations For Choosing Process Intensification Strategies

In this e-book, industry leaders discuss their experience implementing process intensification strategies as they relate to unique organizational goals. They provide a holistic perspective and outline the top considerations to factor into your internal calculations, deliberations, and decision-making.

Managing Increased Media Volumes: The Often-Overlooked Aspect Of Process Intensification

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing procedures must be efficient, robust, and productive to minimize failure risk and ensure targets are met. Here, we discuss the advantages of implementing process intensification before exploring the potential implications on media management. Learn how the best process intensification scenario can be implemented without compromising the benefits it brings to the table.

Selecting The Optimal Upstream And Downstream Intensification Strategy

To meet the demands of next-generation biomanufacturing, the industry will need multiple intensified strategies for upstream and downstream processes. Hear from Sartorius expert Priyanka Gupta as she explains how intensified solutions for upstream and downstream processes can increase productivity by 4X and reduce up-front investment by 50%.

Integrated Platform For Intelligent Upstream Process Intensification

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers face pressure to increase production within their facilities while also accommodating less-stable molecules not suitable for standard fed-batch platforms. In this webinar, Sartorius expert Gerben Zijlstra walks through a product life cycle, focusing on upstream process intensification and how PAT and perfusion-based tools are critical components of any solution.

Increased Productivity With Concentrated Fed-Batch

A large biopharma company wanted to establish a single-use multiproduct facility by choosing appropriate upstream processes that can deliver more than 500 kg/year throughput. This case study shows how a concentrated fed-batch process was established, enabling higher productivity and increasing the throughput, providing more flexibility for production runs.

Simplify Upstream Process Intensification From PD To Manufacturing

Process intensification maximizes productivity and flexibility and can be implemented stepwise or end-to-end. Learn how our high throughput systems fast-track biopharma perfusion process development, saving time and money.

Webinar Series
It’s Like Having Process Intensification Experts On Call

Explore critical considerations and expert insights in this webinar series focused exclusively on what you need to know when intensifying processes. Choose from relevant topics including cell line development tools, technology that supports scalable process development, PAT and data analytics, and more. More information: Webinar Series - Process Intensification | Sartorius