Newsletter | September 7, 2007

9.7.07 -- PerkinElmer Launches New Assay Development Service For Advanced Cellular Science And Drug Discovery
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Systems Biology: The Future Of Biomedical Science
One powerful way to think of biology is to view it as an informational science. This view leads to the conclusion that biological information is captured, mined, integrated, and finally executed by biological networks. Hence the challenge in understanding biological complexity is that of deciphering the operation of dynamic biological networks across the three time scales of life — evolution, development, and physiological responses...

Top News Stories
PerkinElmer Launches New Assay Development Service For Advanced Cellular Science And Drug Discovery
Chi-Med Announces Drug Discovery and Development Agreement with Eli Lilly and Company
Oral Cancer Drug REVLIMID Receives Swissmedic Approval In Switzerland For Treatment Of Multiple Myeloma
Sciele Pharma Announces Acceptance By FDA Of sNDA For New Sular Formulation
EPIX Pharmaceuticals Achieves Milestone In Collaboration With Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics
Six UK Hospitals Join Together In Using Varian Medical Oncology Information Network
KineMed to Collaborate With Merck KgaA to Validate New Applications for Drug Development Candidates
Epitome Biosystems Launches Ti-Tyr Profiling Chips For Simultaneous Measurement Of Multiple Cellular Events
Perkinelmer Announces New Configuration Of Its Advanced Opera High Content Screening System
Entelos Acquires Iconix Biosciences, Inc.
Featured Products
SigmaPlot®: Scientific Graphing Software
SigmaPlot graphing software takes you beyond simple spreadsheets to help you show off your work clearly and precisely. With SigmaPlot, you can produce high-quality graphs without spending hours in front of a computer. SigmaPlot offers seamless Microsoft Office integration, so you can easily access data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and present your results in Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations...

Pilot Lyophilizers
Designed for ease of scale-up, Hy-Pro and Lyo-Pro models are unmatched for capabilities and performance. All Hy-Pro and Lyo-Pro Lyophilizers come standard in an open frame design configuration to ease access to components and simplify routine maintenance...

High Performance Floor Model Humidity Chambers
Hotpack offers two 18 cu. ft. capacity High Performance Floor Model Humidity Chambers, with temperature ranges of above ambient to 99ºC or -10ºC to 99ºC. Both models feature a humidity range of 20% to 98% with ± 2% control...

NANOEDGE Dispersion Technology
NANOEDGE dispersion technology is a formulation toolbox developed for poorly water soluble drugs that offers powerful strategies for overcoming solubility challenges and accelerating drug development...

Custom Glassware/Repairs
WILMAD-LABGLASS has the experience and facilities to custom fabricate or modify glassware to meet your specific requirements. They specialize in customized: chromatography columns, condensers, distillation apparatus, flasks, and more...

Pre-Phase I Services
Camargo Pharmaceutical Services is a one-stop source for pre-Phase I drug development services, including: due diligence (CMC, pre-clinical and initial Phase I studies), drug product feasibility assessment, clinical program development, and protocol design and implementation...

SFC Semi-Prep Investigator
Thar marries the power of the Method Station with the unique ability to isolate and collect less than 1 gram of specific compounds (up to 12 fraction collectors)...

Featured Downloads
Brochure: High Purity Water Systems for the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Pall's high purity water systems are designed to comply with international codes and regulations governing medicinal product manufacture referred to in various regional Pharmacopeia as, for example, USP, EP and JP...
Brochure: AdVantage Benchtop Freeze Dryers
The VirTis® AdVantage™ Benchtop Freezer brochure from SP Industries focuses on the advanced features of the unit. A brief overview highlights the unit's extremely small footprint, powerful Wizard™ 2.0 controller for either manual operation or fully automated recipes, and limited 2-year refrigeration warranty...
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