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Developing A High-Throughput Formulation Development Platform For High-Concentration, Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
Poster | By Jessica Ripley, Shyamal Choudhari, Lun Xin, Spencer Beard, Victor Vinci, and Yunsong Li, Catalent

Some of the challenges in early stages of a pharmaceutical are a limited supply of protein to use in formulation screening studies, and a need to obtain stability data quickly to initiate tox studies. In this poster, scientists at Catalent Biologics outline a method utilizing a high-throughput, micro-well plate platform to economically screen a mAb in 96 formulations.

Better Biotherapeutic Characterization For Improved Quality Control
Poster | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Critical quality attributes (CQA) are fundamental to regulatory compliance and typically include data on how the candidate interacts with target proteins, size, and purity. In addition, information on process related CQA such as protein integrity, homogeneity, presence of host cell proteins, and DNA is required. This poster booklet provides a snapshot on how different analytical technologies have been used to look into aspects related to the efficacy, stability, and safety of therapeutic candidates.

Decision Timeline: Considerations In Selecting An Outsourced Solution
Article | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The traditional business model for in-house pharma manufacturing is nearly a thing of the past. More companies are turning to outsourcing to achieve flexibility and efficiency in a highly competitive market. 

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