Industry Insights
Rapid, Sensitive Cancer Biomarker Screening In cfDNA
Application Note | By Anna Quinlan and Dawne Shelton, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Multiplex digital PCR enables tracking of treatment efficacy using liquid biopsies.

Pharma Production Tech Transfers: Reaping Rewards, Reducing Risks
White Paper | By Thomas Dax, Mirko Gabriele, and Paul Jorjorian, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Transferring production — and the technologies that undergird it — can be risky. The same product can behave differently in different equipment, resulting in low yields or even batch rejections.

Western Blotting Principles And Methods Handbook
E-Book | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

This EBook provides expertise and support, taking you through the complete Western blotting workflow, from sample preparation to detection and analysis.

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